DR Sites

Disasters are inevitable in business, but having a backup plan to recover from such disasters is very much important for survival and growth of your business. At Data Galaxy hosting services, we have industry leading business solutions in terms of managed hosting services backed by enterprise-class service level agreements.

Our Disaster Recovery or DR sites designed to offer something more than basic collocation. If we split our reputation in half, then half of our reputation is built by our facilities and half by our team. We have a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals managing almost all the operating systems in the world, ensuring you get the required support and backup as and when you need.

Our fully featured recovery facility offers incredible DR Sites

  • Immediate and speedy access to our recovery, redundancy and connectivity expertise
  • The benefit of getting recovery services from a broad range of recovery server environment
  • Predictable cost savings
  • Guaranteed recovery through regular testing
  • Increased productivity, since we minimize the DR workload for your staff
  • Predictable outcomes and an assurance that your data and applications can be recovered within a defined time frame.