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Internet for sure has brought the world closer and dedicated servers are acting as primary blood vessels of the internet. Storing files and managing the access of computers towards a centralized network is the key function of any dedicated server. In short, a dedicated server is a connector ensuring your website is visible to every random visitor wanting to access products or services you are offering.

About Dedicated Server Hosting

As the name suggests, a dedicated server will be completely dedicated for your website without sharing its resources or space with another website. This allows you to gain complete access and control of the server empowering you to customize it according to your needs. More often a large website, getting a huge traffic through the internet and generating ample of amount of data chose the option of dedicated server hosting.  Although, dedicated servers are costly compared to other hosting options, the features and the benefits received usually compensate the cost providing a complete ROI.

How Dedicated Server Hosting Work?

First thing first, a dedicated server is a physical hardware with huge extensive capability. Comprising a number of microprocessors, RAM and hard drives, these servers or hardware’s are specifically designed to handle large amount of data. There are two major ways in which a dedicated server works Managed and Unmanagged.

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers: In this type, a third party or a separate entity looks after the server hardware, ensuring they are up and running all the time. Being the owner of the fully dedicated server you just have to send the data through server and the rest will be taken care off. 24/7 support, 24/7 monitoring, regular OS updates, virus scans, kernel updates, spam filtering and many more facilities are few highlights of the managed dedicated servers.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers: An unmanaged server is completely opposite of the fully managed dedicated server hosting, wherein you have to look after the maintenance and upkeepment of the severs.

Advantages of Best Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Reliability: This probably is the biggest advantage of the dedicated server as the host is entirely in your control. With minimum downtime and leaving enough scope for predicting and planning the changes, upgrades and repairs, dedicated server hosting has emerged as most reliable hosting option today.
  • Performance: The amount of traffic or the amount of data is irrelevant for dedicated servers as they are designed for handling the enormous amount of data and traffic.
  • Security: Compared to other hosting options a dedicated server is laced with top notch security as the owner is empowered to customize the server according to his/her needs.
  • Control: It does not matter whether you opt for managed or unmanaged hosting, in both the options you have complete control of the servers. Additionally, you are allowed to customize and optimize the services suiting your business necessities.
  • Bandwidth: Assurance of uninterrupted bandwidth.

Why You Should Prefer Using a Dedicated Server Hosting

The service provided by dedicated server hosting is simply unmatched to the kind of service provided by the other kind of hosting options. If your website is getting more than a million hits a day then opting for dedicated server hosting is for you. In addition to that, different companies operating under the same administration can also opt for best dedicated server hosting to manage different business aspects under one hosting service,

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